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 Virtual Food Drives will not be available until April, 2023.

Online Fundraiser

Create an online fundraiser either individually or in a group to help feed hundreds of thousands of your neighbors in need. Your efforts literally put food on the table of families who may not know where their next meal is coming from.

Just You

You can hold a virtual fundraiser either as an individual or as a group of friends.  Easily set up a fundraising page, set a goal, and fundraise to bring food to hungry people in Los Angeles County.  Increase your impact by challenging your friends to put up their own fundraising page as part of your campaign.  A fundraising thermometer will help track how close you are to your goal.

Your Club, School or Church

Virtual fundraising is a great way for groups to raise funds to feed hungry people. Individual group members are encouraged to set up a fundraising page that feeds into your overall fundraising goal.  This promotes a healthy competition and group camaraderie.

Your Workplace

Virtual fundraising is ideal for organizations with multiple teams, departments, or sites, or where a lot of staff work remotely. Our platform makes it possible for corporate teams to have healthy competitions to raise funds to provide healthy, nourishing food for those in need. 

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