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A message from The Foodbank of Southern California

Dear Friends of The Foodbank,

Thank you for supporting The Foodbank of Southern California, especially during the community’s health pandemic of Covid-19. The financial support you give helps The Foodbank’s ability to respond to a community in need.

When Covid-19 struck our community, more than 1 in 4 Los Angeles County households experienced food insecurity, and the demand for food dramatically increased. The Foodbank responded to this need by providing highly nutritious food each week for thousands of additional people who were in desperate need of food.

The number of low-income community members receiving services started to recede in early 2022, as the community began to rebound from the worst of Covid-19. Unemployment declined, and people were putting their lives back together.

The decrease in the number of those served was short-lived, as our constituency is now faced with the rising cost of food during the nation’s highest inflationary period since 1981. As inflation hit an all-time high, the cost of groceries has been hit hard, and we are now seeing people returning for food, as well as, a number of brand new recipients. They lack the resources necessary to purchase healthy foods, and often rely on cheaper, high-calorie food, and less healthy foods, to stave off hunger.

Inflation also impacts The Foodbank’s cost of doing business. The cost of the food we purchase in bulk at steep discounts continues to rise, as does the price of gasoline to transport food.

Unfortunately, the hunger relief efforts from the federal government that assisted The Foodbank in feeding low-income families during the Covid-19 crisis will soon come to an end. The time couldn’t be worse, as food insecurity for those we serve is escalating.

Regardless of what befalls the community, The Foodbank is committed to providing healthy food choices and serves as a safety net for people in need. The children, families, and seniors served by The Foodbank will continue to receive highly nutritious food, completely free of charge. This makes it possible for those struggling to make ends meet to utilize their limited resources on other critical needs.

Your continued investment in The Foodbank will lighten the burden and bring hope, joy, and life to those in need, by fulfilling their basic human right and need for nutritious food. One-time and recurring donations to The Foodbank can be made in a variety of ways: on our website, send your check to The Foodbank of Southern California,1444 San Francisco Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813, or call us at (562) 435-3577.

Thank you for your consideration.

– Jeanne Cooper, President & CEO

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