The Foodbank of Southern California

The Foodbank distributes the majority of food by channeling it to over 700 non-profit partners, 275 of whom re-distribute it to their neighbors in need at weekly or monthly events. These sites typically serve low-income individuals as part of their mission, and include shelters, childcare centers, churches, cultural centers, group homes, youth enrichment programs, workplace development programs and more.

Distributions happen weekly, bi-monthly or monthly in locations throughout the county. If you need food assistance or know someone who does, call the Foodbank of Southern California at 562-435-3577.  We will locate the site closest to where you or they live, work or learn.

Food distribution

Where Does the Food Come From?

The food we distribute is gathered from many sources. The principle source is the USDA Commodity program known as the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). 

We also rescue food from local farms, grocery stores, local distribution facilities, from food drives.  To fill the gaps in protein, fresh produce and other favored items, we make bulk and specialty purchases from distributors, farms and producers.

Interested in Becoming a Food Pantry Partner?
Call (562) 435-3577

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